Friday, April 4th

 8:15–Coffee and welcome

9:00–Panel 1

Sueanna Smith, “‘Nerving the Pen of the Orator’: Prince Hall Freemasonry and African American Print Culture in the Long 19th Century”

University of South Carolina

Michaël Roy, “The Multiple Economies of the Antebellum Slave Narrative”

Université Paris 13

Rory Griffiths, “Commoditizing the Humane: Economics of Race and Brutality in Charles Chesnutt’s The Marrow of Tradition

University of South Carolina


10:45–Panel 2

Steve Bellomy, “‘An Odd Survival’: Guy Fawkes Day in America’s Economy of Independence”

University of South Carolina

Joshua Galat, “Becoming American: John Davis’s Unruly Pocahontas and the Formation of a Transnational American Literature”

University of Central Florida

Kristen Wright, “‘The Wretched Refuse Beside the Golden Door’: The Yellow Peril and Racial Theorizing in Frank Norris’s McTeague

University of South Carolina

12:15–Break for Lunch

1:45–Panel 3

John Crawford,  “‘My mother is a fish’ and Other Deficiencies of Representation in William Faulkner’s As I Lay Dying

University of South Carolina

Andrew Valencia, “Economies of Sexual Spaces in the Novels of Cormac McCarthy”

University of South Carolina

Lauren Allen, “Economies of Motion: Rhetorics of Movement in Southern Literature”

University of South Carolina


3:30–Faculty Roundtable

Dr. Gretchen Woertendyke on Regionalism

Dr. Leon Jackson on Economies

Dr. Sara Schwebel on Childhood

Dr. Qiana Whitted on Junk Fiction

Dr. Catherine Keyser on Taste

Dr. Kate Adams on Globalism


5:30–Plenary talk by Dr. Cynthia Davis

Saturday, April 5th


9:00–Panel 4

Elizabeth Faucett, “Tradition’s Necessary Conflict: Philip Roth’s Jewish Identity in the New American Public Sphere”

University of South Carolina

Melissa Dugan, “Guerrilla Love: The Subversive Economy of Language in Gwendolyn Brooks’ Maud Martha

University of South Carolina

Eileen Totter, “Transitional Heroines in ‘The Sing-Song Woman'”

Georgia College

Katherine Berghofer, “Subtle Power: An Observation of Feminine Roles and Character Dissimulation in The Poisonwood Bible

Belmont University


10:45–Panel 5

Claire Niedzwiedzki, “Redeeming the Urban Land ”

University of South Carolina

Selena Larkin, “Continuing Struggles: How Economy Impacts The Dollmaker

University of South Carolina

Justine Chew, “The Ethics of Colonial Commercialization: Thomas Hariot and the Rhetoric of Persuasion in his Brief and True Report

University of North Carolina–Wilmington

12:15–Break for Lunch

1:45–Panels 6 & 7 (concurrent)

Panel 6

Matt Gassan, “A Sheaf of Papers: Lily Bart, Derrida, and the Gift”

University of South Carolina

Travis Mullen, “Facilitator/Destroyer: Money’s role in Ernest Hemingway’s The Garden of Eden

University of South Carolina

Elena Perminova, “Financial and Literary Fraud in Arthur Mervyn by Charles Brockden Brown”

Bucknell University

Panel 7

Michael Spalding, “Decentering Value in Stein’s Three Lives

University of South Carolina

Justin Holliday, “Writing out the Self: From Homoerotic Mapping to Photographic Effacement”

Clemson University

Jada Ach, “‘Left all alone in this world’s wilderness’: The Queer Frontier in Frank Norris’s McTeague

University of South Carolina


3:30–Panels 8 & 9 (concurrent)

Panel 8

Kyle Petersen, “‘Hurry Up With My Damn Croissants’: Black Celebrity, Consumerism, and the Politics of Kanye West”

University of South Carolina

Chris Wu, “Politics of Color, Economics of Blues: Revisit the (Black) Naturalism in Paul Laurence Dunbar’s The Sport of the Gods

University of Memphis

Jill Weber, “Traversing Boundaries: Race, Gender, and Class in 19th Century Athletics”

University of South Carolina

Panel 9

Sam Lackey, “The Monstrous Mechanism of Hollywood: The Factory Model of Film Production in The Day of the Locust

University of South Carolina

Esther Yu, “Chinatown and Chinatown: Microeconomy and Cipher”

University of Virginia

Ajit Dhillon, “Racial Objectification in Larsen’s Passing and Ellison’s Invisible Man

University of South Carolina


5:30–Keynote address by Dr. Scott Romine

7:30–Dinner for presenters


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